Jo Gallaway

textile designer and teacher

Textiles and Computers

Use the buttons or menu to look at the details of the training available to support you in learning how to use computer based tools to enhance your quilts and textiles.


All training requires basic computer skills E.g. Running word processing or drawing or spreadsheet software, printing. To make use of any software you must have a PC / printer that meets the minimum requirements.


Electric Quilt - EQ7 is the latest version of this quilt design software. EQ is the industry leading quilt design software but still easy to use.  There is a taster session available for those of you who are not sure whether to buy this software. 


Photoshop Elements - This simpler version of the industry standard software for photo manipulation is reasonably priced and great for creating unique images from your photos.


Digital printing on fabric - This covers the basics on how to print on fabric and some computer design using software you already have to create personalised images e.g. quilt labels.


This training is for smaller groups (2 to 8) and individuals. Courses are run on demand. So, if you are interested in a particular course then let me know and I will arrange a convenient date.


Electric Quilt Photoshop Elements Printing on fabric